Filipino-American Ministry

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The mission of the Filipino-American Ministry is to promote the spiritual enrichment of Filipino-Americans in the Holy Trinity Parish community and to promote the practice of religious celebrations in keeping with the traditional Filipino heritage, thereby, contributing to the overall mission of Holy Trinity Church.


In its fifth year and with 50 members, the Ministry focuses its work on two main areas:

1Worshipping and Celebrating Together

1.1.  Misang Pilipino (Filipino Mass) every second Sunday of the month at 4:00 p.m. (followed by a fellowship with potluck)

1.2.  Visits of San Lorenzo Ruiz to homes of families and praying the Novena in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary, San Lorenzo Ruiz and his companion martyrs

1.3.  Annual Simbang Gabi, novena towards Christmas in anticipation of the birth of Jesus

1.4.  Annual Consecration of Families to the Holy Family

1.5.  Parish-wide annual events celebrating unity in diversity, i.e., serving the Lord in the context of different cultural backgrounds

1.5.1.     Annual Novena to the Blessed Virgin Mary recited in multiple languages, e.g., English, Spanish, Tagalog, Italian, Yoruba, and Swahili

1.5.2.     Annual International Potluck that brings together parishioners from different ethnic backgrounds to celebrate their heritage through traditional food, dance and music

 2.  Practicing the Faith through Corporal Works of Mercy

2.1   Feeding the hungry and the homeless (dinners for 150 persons) at the Bergen County Shelter, at least twice a year

2.2  Supporting the St. Vincent de Paul Food Pantry for the hungry

2.3  Providing humanitarian aid to those affected by natural disasters (e.g., typhoons and floods)

In addition, the Filipino-American Ministry supports fund-raising efforts of the parish with the help of other parish groups.


President - Vilma Sonntag •Vice President - Josie Duenas •Secretary - Juliet Schlimmer •Treasurer - Rosa Bauer •Auditor - Cecille Duenas •PRO - Gary Bauer
President – Vilma Sonntag;  Vice President – Josie Duenas; Secretary – Juliet Schlimmer; Treasurer – Rosa Bauer; Auditor – Cecille Duenas; PRO – Gary Bauer