All MASSES, Sundays and Weekdays are suspended as of March 18, 2020 until further notice.

All Funerals, Wakes, Weddings, Baptisms, are postponed as of March 25, 2020.

The church is closed until further notice.

For Further updates go to the Archdiocesan Website.

Mass Intentions will be fulfilled by the priests when they celebrate their private Masses. Otherwise they will be rescheduled.

Obligation to Attend Sunday Mass

Our Archbishop, Cardinal Joseph W. Tobin, CSsR. has dispensed the faithful of the Archdiocese from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass until further notice.

You may follow the Sunday Mass livestreaming at noon HERE or on EWTN.

CCD-Catechism Class

Religious education (CCD-Catechism) activities also are suspended throughout the Archdiocese. As are all youth activities until further notice.

Offering/Weekly Contribution

With no Sunday masses being held, the parish is suffering from no collection. Please feel free to mail in your offering or make an offering through the PayPal, use the DONATE icon to the right or via GoFundMe. It will certainly help us pay the bills which have not been quarantined.

Palm Sunday and Triduum – public celebrations these liturgies have been cancelled. Please join us remotely in prayer as the priest celebrate these liturgies privately. Father will bless the palms and store them for future distribution (if they do not spoil).

Office: The parish office will be closed until further notice. Please call 201-343-5170 for any pastoral emergencies. Need Help: If you need food shopping or drug store shopping, please call the rectory and we can help you with the shopping. If you are in the most vulnerable group (over 60, COPD or other compromised health, do not leave home.) call for help if there are no family or friends to help.

Weekly Offering


During this crisis, one way you can assure that the parish receives your weekly contribution is through GoFundMe. It is an excellent way to make a contribution without leaving your home. Simply click on here and make your contribution. Thank you , Fr. Paul.

Can’t Get Out? No Income? Dear parishioners of Holy Trinity, if you or your elderly neighbor needs someone to go grocery shopping for them please let us know at the rectory (201) 343-5170. Many of our parishioners are out of work too. We can help Holy Trinity parishioners with food. Please let us know.

Air Conditioner for the Church

When I first arrived at Holy Trinity Church as pastor ten years ago, I was told the air conditioner had to be replaced.  I was able to make it last for another decade.  But it too shall pass.  A new air conditioner will cost upwards to $200,000.

Please make a donation towards this project. A can donate through PayPal by clicking on the Donate button to the right or sending a donation directly to the parish. We also offer Memorial Plaques for the pews for a donation of $2500 or more and in the Mother of the Americas Shrine for gifts of $1000 or more.  Please inquire by speaking to Patti at 201-343-5170.

Fr. Paul Prevosto

Shining the Light of Christ: 2020 Annual Appeal

As disciples, we are called to radiate the love of God in our work, our relationships, our service and our giving. As a Catholic faith community, our common worship, hospitality, pastoral care and ministry reflect this love to the wider community. By sharing our time, unique talents and personal treasure, we participate in shining the Light of Christ ever more brightly.

Please give a prayerful donation to this cause of good.  You can give in two ways:

1. Complete the donation envelope which can be found in the church at the doors. Please be sure to indicate our parish Holy Trinity 096. You can give some now and pay the balance over ten months.

2. Go to the Archdiocesan website site Make your pledge and remember to indicate our parish Holy Trinity Parish in Hackensack under “designation”.